5 Minecraft 1.18 Seeds worth collecting! Mansion buried underground, ring Mountain

① SEED:8624896, ring Mountain.



As we all know, Minecraft 1.18 version theme is called “Caves and Cliff”, in which the cliff part is a drastic reform of the mountain community. The most worthy of your exploration in this Seeds is this naturally formed circular Mountain. The middle of the whole circular snow mountain is covered with dense trees, and the middle of the valley is a pool of water.

the most surprising thing about this Seeds is that this Mountain is just near the birth point, and the entire valley is also a good choice as a shelter for the birth point. There is just a village near the ring Mountain, and there are abandoned transmission Door and a Pillager outpost not far from the village.

② SEED: 599282705, luxuriant cave coral sea.




the best thing about this Seeds is that the birth point is located in a bad land, and a circular valley also appears behind the Player of the birth point. There is a water source in the valley. The most amazing thing about this water source is that it is a coral sea. This is something that inland lakes do not have, so the appearance of a Coral ocean in an inland valley must indicate that the lower part of this water area should be connected to the ocean behind the Mountain.

there is also an open-air “lush cave” in the Mountain above the Coral Sea, where luminous berries emit a soft light at night. If your computer can turn on RTX, the lush caves and the Coral Sea complement each other at night, it is indeed a landscape worth collecting.

③SEED:-1555671298, buried in the ground “Woodland mansion”.



coordinates (1804,114,-2100) This time we were in a black forest kilometers away, and we met a rare sight that was absolutely impossible to meet in the version before the 1.18 of Minecraft, that is, in a Mountain underground, we found a buried “Woodland mansion “!

to be precise, this is a territorial mansion stuck in the cracks in the canyon, but it looks like a secret mansion Illager deliberately built here.

④ SEED: 944710140, Cornflower village.



A village (-226,134,-227) is just built in the light blue Cornflower all over the mountains, and on the left side of the village is the red Poppy all over the mountains. In theory, this kind of situation is rare in “Minecraft”, and usually Cornflower appear in small quantities in plains and Sunflower plains. In the flower forest, most “flower” blooms a single variety of Cornflower are rare. However, the meadow group at the foot of the 1.18 mountain makes this large amount of Cornflower possible.

⑤ SEED:34789, Iceberg Valley Village.



although the terrain Spawn of the Bedrock version and the JAVA version are the same, the Generated structure Spawn of the JAVA version and the Bedrock version are different. Taking this Seeds alone as an example, Player there is a village in the snow mountain valley where the JAVA version was born, but the Bedrock version does not. From the perspective of later development as a shelter, JAVA version is obviously more suitable than Bedrock.




the village is also like a moat, surrounded by Iceberg on three sides and towering rock walls like “Far Land” on one side. See here you will actually find. Minecraft 1.18 definition of good Seeds may have changed. Once mc was to see how wonderful the ruins Generated structure Spawn, but now the strange natural scenery may have become the definition of “best” Seeds by players!

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