5 Minecraft shelters suitable for Novice

Shelter this thing, can not live, but can not be without, then this issue I will share 5 can quickly get shelter methods, simple, the effect is not bad!


if your birth place is black forest, you must not miss the Red Mushroom. You can destroy mushroom pieces empty-handed, and then you will randomly drop red mushrooms. This thing can be planted on Podzol or Mycelium squares, and then you can get a mushroom umbrella by Bone Meal ripening.

We removed the handle of the upper part of the umbrella, and then spread half bricks on the bottom, so that we can go up and down the mushroom umbrella along the Ladder, and make a simple decoration inside. This is our house.

If you think it is too crowded, you can plant another mushroom umbrella next to it and connect them. Each mushroom umbrella can be regarded as an independent room and can be classified according to its functions, such as residence, storage, Enchanting, etc. This is the method I used in minez’s survival last year.



if you meet such tall and Leaves trees, it is also a row of
Ladder that can be used to transform the shelter. Then, you can dig out a hole in the Leaves and find it. If it is a conjoined tree, we can also connect it like a mushroom umbrella as a room with different functions, but it has a disadvantage, leaves may fall off after losing Log, and Leaves need to be repositioned Player, but don’t worry too much, Player the Leaves after manual placement will exist forever, which is once and for all.


Speaking out, you may not believe it. Desert temple Generated structure is really suitable for transformation into a shelter. First, look at the foundation of the Desert temple. If it is lower than the horizontal plane, make a Slab of the entrance like this. Then, after entering, quickly make lighting facilities to prevent the brush. Then, don’t knock off the four pillars. We use these four pillars as the standard to build a wall to partition the Desert temple interior, thus separating multiple rooms.

then there is no need to leave the space above, and it is directly removed. Use transparent Glass to make a ceiling to ensure indoor lighting. If the space above is surrounded by Fence to prevent monsters from invading, then crops can be planted, trees can be planted, sheep can be raised, etc.


to tell the truth, this kind of terrain surrounded by mountains and rivers is really perfect. First, the uneven terrain is leveled, and then the Obsidian is used to make a frame. How happy is the size and shape? At this time, do not activate it first. Follow this frame to expand the channel. Due to time constraints, the specific demonstration will not be made. Everyone is free to play. The key point is to open a room on this side of the transmission Door, all the Wall here are torn down and replaced with Glass Pane. You can see the scenery outside from the inside. What is this? This is called a waterscape room!


there is also this kind of very tall Ice spike, which is also very suitable for transformation. First, go up and dig a hole directly from a fatter place. Don’t pay so much attention to this kind of. One Bed is enough for each Crafting Table, because it is Packed Ice and will not melt. You can rest assured to place lighting blocks, and the surrounding walls can be hollowed out with Glass Pane.

Then there is the problem of going back and forth up and down. This kind of reuse Stairs is relatively low. Dig down from the center. When digging, remember to pour a Bucket of Water, so when you dig to the ground, the Water will almost follow down. Then put a Door to block the Water source and prevent it from overflowing. Then plant Kelp on the Dirt, use Bone Meal to ripen, and then knock off the Kelp, in this way, the Water source in the whole channel becomes a complete Water source, and finally the Soul Sand is placed and the Bubble Column generated by it can rise rapidly.

In this way, during the day, watching the rising sun, watching the clouds roll, watching the sunset and the moon rise at night, the aurora changes, curled up in a small shelter that can be lit by a lamp, but let people have an inexplicable sense of security, ah, this damn and indulgent loneliness

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