6 Minecraft hidden features

I think you all know that when we enter the state of Sprinting, there will be a state of raised particles under our feet, which also shows that our speed is very fast. But once we enter the state of blindness, the effect of particles under our feet will disappear. What can we see?


although we are also running, the speed is not fast. In another sentence, that is, it has not entered the Sprinting state. In addition, it is jumping (as the name implies, it is jumping up to attack), he will have an explosive particle effect on the attacked target, and the damage will be greatly improved; but under the blindness effect, there is no explosive particle effect. Therefore, blindness is not a simple reduction in visibility, but also a negative buff that cannot strike and enter the Sprinting state. This is the core reason why players can only use Suspicious Stew to actively obtain blindness. Imagine that if blindness is accompanied by Potion Arrow, I don’t need to say more about the horror.



in the Minecraft, the game’s own connecting device has not been used by my friends. You know, in normal times we get Stone through stone brushing machines, which is undoubtedly a double test of energy and physical strength. However, as long as we press and hold the left key to collect and click F3 T at the same time, we can complete the reloading of the resource bundle, thus obtaining the effect of automatic collection. So even at this time, your hands are away from the mouse and keyboard, and Steve in the game will continue to work. Putting this in other places can still be used well. We can even switch the left and right keys in the control options, so that we can use the combination of F3 T again to realize automatic fishing. The “lazy party” likes F3 P most, which will close the suspension service in the game. This also means that at this time we can switch the interface and go out to play other games.


it’s okay to fight a landlord, play a little mahjong, or even hang up and paddle for fish farming, but Steve in the game will still work continuously, which can be said to have won the hearts of the public.


among the menu selection items is a Customized skin, where we can adjust the details on the clothes and even switch between left and right hands. But if you have double skin, then from another angle, the option in Customized skin is equivalent to your coat, as long as it is closed, the underwear inside can be exposed. So we can make two completely different sets of skin, so that even if we don’t quit the game, we can achieve the effect of switching skin.


ender Crystal, as the core condition of the resurrection Ender Dragon, how did the players resurrect the Ender Dragon before the formula Ender Crystal the 1.9 version was added? Only the Creeper three words need to be remembered here (at the same time, we need to pay attention to the Creeper pattern), because after we kill the Ender Dragon, we need to use clay to pose the Creeper pattern. After the last square is installed, the whole pattern will disappear, followed by a Ender Dragon without blood bars. How’s that? It’s amazing, isn’t it.


unicode, as an internationally unified code, he can still program in mc (in short, he can force the font in the game into text the same size as the national unified font). Opening and closing, there is no doubt that there are two fonts with large and small sizes. First, we turn on the Unicode font and write full words on the Sign, then close it. We can see that the original font has become larger. Although the volume of the Sign has not changed, the font has become larger,


there is no doubt that some fonts will overflow the Sign, thus giving the Player a feeling of exceeding the screen limit. Perhaps many friends here want to ask what’s the use? From a certain point of view, I will just talk about it and you will listen to it. Maybe it will be applied sometime in the future, right? There are many skills that are not overwhelming.




in the Bedrock version, there is an unknown special egg, which exists in the set file options. Note that we can change our name at any time here, and when your name is changed to Grumm (pay attention to case and alphabetical order), then just enter a Map. We can find our hands on the left side of the screen, switch the angle of view, and you can see the figure walking upside down. Although it is useless, it is precisely because there are so many small eggs that this game is full of vitality. Grumm is a named egg that reverses creatures. It is also feasible to put it on Player, but the modeling of characters can only be described as exotic flowers.

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