7 Minecraft 1.18 Seeds worth collecting, 7 Spawn wonders in nature

Once we talked about the exotic Spawn, rare terrain and natural Seeds of “Minecraft” countless times. However, when you watch the 1.18 Spawn, you will sigh at Minecraft natural Power and marvel at the world again! Although 1.18 is still a semi-finished product and the second snapshot has been released, the current world Spawn Power is enough!




(1) seed: the shortest Abandoned mineshaft in history! Have you ever seen a mine that is only 15 squares long? The coordinates are at (-2064 -9 1091). First of all, it is stated that this is Seeds from the latest snapshot of the 1.18 of 21 w38a “Minecraft”. It may not have been thought in this life that there are such short Abandoned mineshaft relics in this Minecraft world. Ps: A village with only one well or only a soil path has seen it. There are only a few Plank mines. When it is really the first time I have seen it, it is not an exaggeration to say that it is the shortest Abandoned mineshaft in history!




(2) seed: Snow Mountain, you need to load this Seeds in 21w38a. Therefore, there is the possibility of Spawn such huge and real snow-capped mountains in Minecraft 1.18. The most interesting thing is that halfway up the snowy mountain, there is a Pillager outpost. I think of a poem, Qinghai Changyun Dark Snow Mountain, Gucheng Looking at Yumen Pass. Huang Sha wears golden armor in all battles, and Loulan will not return it!




it’s still that mountain, just presented from another angle. It is ten thousand squares away from the birth point, and the coordinates are at (13030 200 7400). The most peculiar place of this kind of mountain lies in the Packed Ice of the top of the mountain and the spring in the middle of the mountain, making the whole Mountain crystal clear. At the top of the mountain, you will understand what “will be the top of the mountain”!




(3) seed: The open-air mine in a lush cave may have never thought in your life that Abandoned mineshaft would exist in the open-air underground, right? This is a wonder under 1.18 giant cave. The carved generator of cave renewal will form extremely open caves underground, usually this Generated structure will be accompanied by lush caves.




abandoned mineshaft coordinates (-268 50 282), you will see a Cave Spider brush monster cage also leaked in the huge fat cat cave, Lava and the cave waters complement each other, this rare scene can only be seen in 1.18 new caves.



(4) Valley villages, absolute Water treasure land; Looking for dragons is divided into Golden and mountains. A heavy entanglement is a heavy barrier. If there is an eight-point risk when closing the door, there will be no yin and yang gossip. This village, which is surrounded by mountains and water around Minecraft 1.18, is definitely a treasure land in terms of feng shui! And this rare terrain was released by Henrik, the developer of Mojang’s terrain development. Unfortunately, he did not share the Seeds and coordinates. (Continuous Concern)




(5) the smiling face of the trench; @ almod: I found a huge gully on the beach in 21w38a. the gully was connected to the sea water and was submerged by the whole sea water, like a huge grimace with a strange grin. Excuse me: Is this normal?




(6) Since the snapshot of the 1.18 has been released, many people are concerned about the issue of archive upgrade and migration. Since Mojang is not ready to archive and upgrade at present, the current situation is that all 1.18 snapshots cannot read of 1.17.1 and below. So some Player tried to read in reverse, that is, use 1.17.1 to read the 1.18 snapshot archive, and the result was Chunk lost shocking picture!




(7) village in the mountains; We end with the Seeds of the last village in the mountains and end our exploration of 1.18’s uncanny terrain Spawn. This Mountain is almost a collection of the most prominent features of the 1.18 mountains: huge snowy peaks, more extending springs and waterfalls in the mountains, wide rivers, and river banks with great drops, forming canyons/valleys. There is a sense of “Badong Three Gorges Wu Gorge is long, and three tears of apes are stained with clothes.



the most amazing thing is that under the foot of this Mountain river valley, there is a naturally formed village in a jagged form. This Seeds is really unique. Although people always complain that the changes in 1.18 are earth-shaking, this version will definitely bring you a completely different feeling to your survival!

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