Minecraft 1.18.2-1.7.10 Applied Energistics 2 Mod

Mod Info

Applied Energistics 2 Mod has added a complete set of material energy storage system. On the basis of the previous generation of applied energy, Applied Energy 2 has added a more scientific channel system, humanized security terminal, etc. At the same time, it also adds the space storage equipment of the storage world, transmits redstone signals and other miscellaneous P2P channels in the same network, and connects the quantum network bridge of the network for long distances.
do you want to store a large amount of the same Item more conveniently? Do you think the previous automation system was not smart enough? Or are you a technology MOD lover? This conscience MOD is worth trying.


ME import and export bus, ME interface, ME level transmitter

unique storage system using ME drive, storage unit and ME storage bus

more than 500 new Item have been added, greatly improving the game’s durability.

Increasing the world dimension: closed space. Legend has it that the world of energy 2 module hard disk is applied. When the player enters the effective space of the space tower, the space tower can be activated to enter

increase Natural generation structure: meteorite. A meteorite compass can be used to locate the meteorite closest to the user.

When the meteorite is generated, it contains a meteorite box that may contain various raw materials required by advanced technology. Four kinds of imprinting templates are randomly generated in the box (engineering imprinting Template silicon imprinting Template calculation imprinting Template logic imprinting Template 0-4, not repeated) and a few metal particles and meteorites.


图片[1] - 我的世界1.18.2-1.7.10应用能源2 Applied Energistics 2 Mod - 我的世界国际版中文网 图片[2] - 我的世界1.18.2-1.7.10应用能源2 Applied Energistics 2 Mod - 我的世界国际版中文网

How To Install Minecraft Mod

  1. Press the key combination “Window+R” to Open the Run command window
  2. Insert “%appdata%” and then press “Enter” to open The “Roaming folder”
  3. You should see a folder named “.minecraft”. If you see a folder named “mods”, simply open it.
  4. If you don’t see any “mods” folder in “.minecraft” folder, don’t worry! You can just create a new folder and name it “mods”. Right-click in the folder, choose “New” -> “Folder”, rename the folder to “mods” and you are done!

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