Minecraft 1.17.1-1.15.2 Bag of Yurting Mod

Mod Info

Bag of Yurting Mod is a powerful, widely Usage, dyeable and upgradeable multifunctional large Range block storage tool.

Using this bag on any square will store all the surrounding squares in the bag; the storage area is a cube with the clicked square in the center of the bottom. Using the bag again will unload the stored blocks in a similar way. In your tent bag, the internal state of any furnace, box, etc. will remain intact.

The two tent bags can be synthesized on the workbench to upgrade the Size. Tent bags can also be dyed to help players distinguish.


图片[2] - 我的世界1.17.1-1.15.2帐篷袋 Bag of Yurting Mod - 我的世界国际版中文网图片[3] - 我的世界1.17.1-1.15.2帐篷袋 Bag of Yurting Mod - 我的世界国际版中文网

How To Install Minecraft Mod

  1. Press the key combination “Window+R” to Open the Run command window
  2. Insert “%appdata%” and then press “Enter” to open The “Roaming folder”
  3. You should see a folder named “.minecraft”. If you see a folder named “mods”, simply open it.
  4. If you don’t see any “mods” folder in “.minecraft” folder, don’t worry! You can just create a new folder and name it “mods”. Right-click in the folder, choose “New” -> “Folder”, rename the folder to “mods” and you are done!

Mod Download

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