Minecraft 1.18.2-1.6.4 Botania Mod

Mod Info

Botania Mod adds a lot of flower elements to Minecraft games, but this is not only to make the world of the game more colorful! The newly added flower element has mysterious Power and can be used to make tools, weapons and Item. The new Item will be full of mysterious Power, greatly improving the playability of the game!


the first step of the game needs to synthesize a magic book Lexica Botania, which records all the recipes and information, which can guide players to play the game well.

我的世界1.18.2-1.6.4植物魔法 Botania Mod

我的世界1.18.2-1.6.4植物魔法 Botania Mod

grinding petals into powder can be used alone as fuel for clay or glass, but now they can also be combined with bone meal as fertilizer. Right-clicking on some flowers and plants with this fertilizer can produce random flowers, which is one of the ways to discover and explore new varieties.

我的世界1.18.2-1.6.4植物魔法 Botania Mod

我的世界1.18.2-1.6.4植物魔法 Botania Mod

我的世界1.18.2-1.6.4植物魔法 Botania Mod

Botania main goal is to find magic flowers and collect mana. Players need to make various mysterious flowers, place them together with magic dispersers and collect them into magic pools. After collecting mana, players can “enchant” Item such as diamonds, shadow pearls and Iron Ingot into mana diamonds, mana pearls and agate ingots. You will then be able to use them to make new weapons, tools and armor.

我的世界1.18.2-1.6.4植物魔法 Botania Mod

Botania is a very large module, please discover the specific details of the game yourself!


图片[7] - 我的世界1.18.2-1.6.4植物魔法 Botania Mod - 我的世界国际版中文网图片[8] - 我的世界1.18.2-1.6.4植物魔法 Botania Mod - 我的世界国际版中文网 图片[9] - 我的世界1.18.2-1.6.4植物魔法 Botania Mod - 我的世界国际版中文网

How To Install Minecraft Mod

  1. Press the key combination “Window+R” to Open the Run command window
  2. Insert “%appdata%” and then press “Enter” to open The “Roaming folder”
  3. You should see a folder named “.minecraft”. If you see a folder named “mods”, simply open it.
  4. If you don’t see any “mods” folder in “.minecraft” folder, don’t worry! You can just create a new folder and name it “mods”. Right-click in the folder, choose “New” -> “Folder”, rename the folder to “mods” and you are done!

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