Minecraft 1.18.2-1.8.9 Corail Tombstone Mod

Mod Info

It adds a grave. After the player dies in the game, he will not lose his Item, but will be put into the grave. It has more than 100 configurable Option, multiple functions, and is compatible with most death-related modules. Its inspiration comes from the fantasy related to soul tombs in the Middle Ages.


Add enchantment:

shadow Step: When enchanted on boots or elytra, the monster detects your Range smaller, and the maximum level is V. It is known that the clones or biological derivatives produced by large or medium slimes of some modules will ignore this effect when they are generated (including the treasure slimes of ancient creatures/primitive creatures, the corpse maggots of Fish’s Undead Rising, not Including the slimes of the craftsman soul). Some monsters Spawner produce may ignore this effect. If the player attacks a monster and fails to kill, the monster will find and follow the player, but if the player escapes a distance, the shadow step will work again. After wearing the boots with this enchantment, there will be a dark cloud-like fog at the feet.

Suction method: only enchantment can be performed on the sword, the highest level V, function: there is a certain chance to absorb the target Buff (excluding Debuff).

Soul Binding: As the name implies, keep the Item of possessing this enchantment after your death. There is no grade and can be possessed on any tool, weapon or armor and other wearable Item.

Plague Messenger: Holding this enchanted weapon to attack other creatures has a chance to obtain random negative effects from installed modules. The effect acts on the user, with the maximum level V.


ghost form: It means that the player is in a ghost state, in which the monster will not attack the player. Appear after the player Respawn, if the active attack will disappear immediately, the duration will shrink to 3 seconds after opening the tomb with the key, and the remaining time will not change if it is less than 3 seconds. In the ghost state, it can only avoid monster detection and cannot be immune to damage. The duration can be increased by death skill points.

Add Item:

simple tomb: one of the most important Item of this module. There are two kinds of tombstones. One is the tombstone used to save the Item after the player dies. After the player dies, he will intelligently generate a tombstone in a nearby safe place (Ma Ma Ma no longer has to worry about dying in the sea of magma or falling into the void). The tombstone will write the player’s name and the time of death, and the Respawn player will also get the corresponding tomb key, the player holds the key and right-clicks the tombstone to store all the Item inside in the backpack. The tombstone will not be Destroy by the explosion. The style of the grave after death can be Modify in the configuration menu of death knowledge, which defaults to simple grave. After Modify and saving, you will achieve [prepare to die] and get a zombie head. The other is a decorative tombstone that can be made, using the head of any undead creature plus 3 dark marble or pure white marble to make a simple tomb. After 30 minutes of waiting after the tombstone is placed, it will thunder and generate a soul (even if the block is not loaded, the decorative tombstone will appear soul). This Lightning Bolt will not cause harm or have the effect of transforming organisms (for pigs, villagers and crawlers). The soul can be used to enchant certain magic Item, and the soul will be consumed after each enchantment. You can use an anvil and a Iron Ingot to engrave their names, and then place a tombstone that will show the name. At night, the tombstone will be surrounded by thick fog, which looks very gloomy.

Dark marble: made of 1 tomb ash and 1 stone. It is used to synthesize tombstones and mysterious slabs, and can also be used as decorative squares.

Impregnated diamond: made of 1 diamond and 8 tomb ashes, it is the material used to make dependent lamps.

Tomb Ash: The most basic synthetic material of this module. Kill Vanilla undead creatures have a small probability of falling. The falling rate can be increased by 10% per point through the bone addiction skill points of the Temple of Death.

Remembering Slate: Synthesized from a mysterious slate and a bone meal. Hold the tombstone with its right-click soul for enchantment, and become an enchantment memory slate, and the slate will bind the position of the tombstone of this ornament. Right-click and long press the enchantment memory slate will be transmitted to the top of the bound ornament tombstone, which can be transmitted across dimensions. The ancient memory slate: can only be obtained by fishing with a small probability of doom fishing. All creatures in the surrounding circle and Item can be transported to the bound tombstone position together.

Homecoming slate: Take the tombstone with its right-click soul to enchant and turn into enchant homecoming slate. Right-click and long press the enchanted transmission slate to transmit the Spawn point to the main world, which can be transmitted across dimensions. Ancient homecoming slate: only available through doom fishing rod fishing small probability. After use, all creatures in the surrounding circle and falling objects can be transferred to the Spawn point together.

Reinforce slate: composed of mysterious slate and a gunpowder. Take the tombstone with its right-click soul to enchant it and turn it into an enchanted reinforcement stone slab. Put the enchanted reinforcement stone slab on the left side of the anvil and the tomb ash on the right side. Change the name to the name of the player you want to send to complete the production. Right-click and press the enchantment to transmit the slate. The chat box of the player will show that you want to transmit it. After approval, it can be transmitted to the player. An enchanted reinforcement slate can be used 10 times, and each use will have a cooling time of up to 1 minute.

Lost Slate: Bad Luck Fishing Rod 5% Chance to catch lost sllate. After putting it in the backpack for a few minutes, the Chance found the coordinates of a generated structure, and it is also possible to break it to obtain several tomb ashes. The slate found to generate the structure can be enchanted using the soul on the tomb, and the slate after enchantment can transmit the coordinates found once.

Mysterious slate: composed of 2 dark marble and 2 tomb ash. Used to synthesize other functional slates.

Halloween Lollipops: Lollipops that only appear during Halloween have a small probability of falling after Kill hostile creatures. After eating, you will get a random buff (which can be a buff of any module) in the integrated package. The duration is 10 minutes, and the effect of each Sugar is the same. In most cases, positive results are obtained. You can get progress by eating all 5 kinds of lollipops.

The Key of the Tomb: The most practical functional prop of this module. When the player dies, a tombstone will be generated, and the tombstone will save everything dropped from the player’s item bar. After Respawn, you will get the key to the tomb. The key to the tomb will tell you the distance, coordinates and dimensions of the last death. Holding the key of the tomb in your hand, you can also see the location of the tombstone. Click on your tombstone or sneak above your tombstone to quickly pick up the Item you dropped during your lifetime and equip it with armor automatically. When the tombstone is opened, it will consume the key of the tomb (it can be opened without a key). You can combine the key of the tomb with a shadow pearl, or right-click the decorative tomb with the existence of the soul, and fill it with the key to the enchanted tomb (it will consume the soul in the tomb). Long pressing the right button will transfer you to the death point recorded by the key (even if the tombstone is no longer there), which can be transferred across dimensions.

Doom fishing rod: Unbreaking only 32 points is half of the Vanilla fishing rod, with which 5% of the Chance catch lost slate. Use it to right-click the tombstone with soul to turn it into an enchanted doom fishing rod, Unbreaking Infinity, and increase fishing speed.

Disappearing dust: composed of 1 tomb ash and 1 gunpowder. After use, teleport moves back 8 squares, which can penetrate the wall. Each use has a cooling time of 10 seconds.

Soul lamp: 5% of the Chance falls after Kill wither. This magical container is bound to a soul. Placing it in the item column can offset a death for you. After the effect is triggered, your life value will be restored to full blood, and life recovery and saturation buff will be obtained for 60 seconds, while the beam of soul lamp will be consumed. Right-clicking on an empty decorative tomb can also provide a soul to this tomb.

Dependent lamp: made of 4 tears of evil spirits, 4 Iron Ingot and 1 diamond impregnated. Can capture the soul of one of your newly dead partners. When it is in the item column, if your tamed pet, such as a Vanilla cat and dog, dies (no matter how far away you die), its soul will be stored in the dependent lamp, which will return to Unbreaking over time. When the Unbreaking is full, place it as a deputy. The main hand prays with Anka’s prayer. After the prayer is over, your pet will be resurrected. There are Chance fishing. Death knowledge level 10 can only be used.

Voodoo dolls: composed of dust from 4 tombs, 2 clay, 1 leather, 1 String and 1 dead shrub. There is also a 10% chance of falling after Kill wither. Enchanted on a tomb with a soul and synthesized with some materials can prevent you from certain deaths. Multiple attributes can be attached to a voodoo doll. After the effect is triggered, the ultra-fast life recovery effect will be obtained (full in one second), and the corresponding Protection buff of the effect will be obtained. At the same time, the corresponding attribute on the voodoo doll will disappear and the enchantment effect will be lost. It needs to be enchanted on the tomb with soul again to use.

The magic book: made of 4 tomb ashes, 4 lapis lazuli, and 1 book. Holding it in your hand and holding an enchanted Item in your deputy, right-click on a tombstone with soul, you can remove the enchantment of this Item and return the enchantment book. After stripping, it will consume the soul of the magic book and tombstone. When equipped with multiple enchantments, the enchantment will return each enchantment to a few separate enchantment books instead of combining all enchantments into one enchantment book. In “Death Knowledge”, you can upgrade the level of the demon remover. Each upgrade can remove 1 more enchantment attribute, and the highest level is 5, that is, 6 enchantment attributes are eliminated.

Anka’s Prayer: Anka’s Prayer is a Item that can Obtain the knowledge of death, but it has a very long cooling. It can be long right-click near the decorative tombstone to pray for knowledge of death. You can also pray to zombie villagers to purify them into Normal villagers, and at the same time you can gain more knowledge of death. Finally, it can also be used to reset your skill points, just right-click on a decorative tombstone with soul. The cooldown time for prayer is 3 hours, and the cooldown time for resetting skill points is 20 minutes.

Knowledge scroll: composed of mysterious scroll and a fluorite powder. After holding it, right-click the tombstone with soul to enchant, all your experience will be packed into the scroll. Long press the right-click enchantment knowledge scroll to take out all the experience, which can be used by other players. The knowledge scroll is consumed after use. In the trophy box of the ruins, there is a chance to drive to the possessed knowledge scroll, which stores 2000 points of experience.

Retain the scroll: composed of a mysterious scroll and a Rabbit’s Foot. After holding it, right-click the tombstone with soul to enchant and turn into an enchantment to keep the scroll. Long press the right button to enchant the retention scroll will get a saved buff lasting 10 minutes. The saved buff will die within the duration and will not lose experience points (Item will still fall).

Unstable invisible scroll: composed of mysterious scroll and a tear of evil soul. After holding it, right-click the tombstone with soul to enchant and become an enchanted unstable invisible scroll. Long press the right button to enchant the unstable invisible scroll will get the quantized buff lasting 10 minutes, and the quantized buff will get the injury-free effect lasting 1 second every 4 seconds during the duration.

Falling scroll: composed of mysterious scroll and a feather. After holding it, right-click the tombstone with soul to enchant and turn into enchantment and falling scrolls. Right-click and long press the enchantment falling scroll will get a falling buff lasting 10 minutes. The falling buff will slow down the falling speed during the falling buff duration and will not be damaged by falling.

Purification scroll: composed of mysterious scroll and a lapis lazuli. After holding it, right-click the tombstone with soul to enchant and turn it into an enchanted purification scroll. Right-click and long press the enchantment purification scroll to obtain a purification buff lasting 10 minutes, and all negative buff will be eliminated during the purification buff duration. In particular, the scroll can work on many negative effects that cannot be eliminated by Vanilla means, such as the abnormal hunger of the mysterious era.

True vision scroll: composed of mysterious scroll and a fermented spider eye. After holding it, right-click the tombstone with soul to enchant and turn into an enchant scroll. Right click and press the enchantment real view scroll to get a real view buff lasting 10 minutes (actually night vision buff).

Arm spread scroll: composed of mysterious scroll and a sunflower. After use, it will expand the player’s touch Range, which refers to the attack distance and the distance of the interaction square. The effect lasts for 10 minutes.

Mysterious scroll: composed of 4 Stick, 3 Paper and 2 tombs. Used to synthesize other functional reels.


How To Install Minecraft Mod

  1. Press the key combination “Window+R” to Open the Run command window
  2. Insert “%appdata%” and then press “Enter” to open The “Roaming folder”
  3. You should see a folder named “.minecraft”. If you see a folder named “mods”, simply open it.
  4. If you don’t see any “mods” folder in “.minecraft” folder, don’t worry! You can just create a new folder and name it “mods”. Right-click in the folder, choose “New” -> “Folder”, rename the folder to “mods” and you are done!

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