Minecraft 1.18.2 Derp’s CIT Furniture Resource Pack Download

Resource Pack Info

Derp’s CIT Furniture Resource Pack is a simple package designed to place items on the frame of items. After installing this bag, you can enjoy all kinds of interesting utilities, from relaxation, table, chair, decoration, books, food, covering to shelves. Each utility has its own different detailed items for you to use. Please note that the Optifine is required, and Customized items should work properly, and you can use this bag to fully enjoy the new adventure.


How To Install Minecraft Resource Pack

  1. Press the key combination “Window+R” to Open the Run command window
  2. Insert “%appdata%” and then press “Enter” to open The “Roaming folder
  3. Now open the folder named “.minecraft”, you should see a subfolder named “resourcepacks” in it.

Resource Pack Download

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