Minecraft 1.18.2-1.14.4 Enigmatic Legacy Mod

Mod Info

It adds a large number of brand-new tools, armor and weapons, as well as new dungeon trophies, Potion, enchantments, ornaments, etc., aiming to help players better explore the world and explore new resources. Please download them as soon as possible!

The module revolves around the mysterious arcane and magic as the main String, but it does not subvert the Vanilla content too much in essence, but tries to optimize its mechanism to encourage players to explore new resources, powerful equipment and ancient relics.

The new progress will guide players to unlock the development process and important achievements in the game. After the key node is triggered, the composition table will be unlocked accordingly, and most Item have Shift prompts to explain its purpose so that players can understand its role in the game.

After the cursed player dies, he will drop the soul crystal with the upper limit of 1 life value. After actively picking it up, the life value can be restored, and the player can only pick up the soul crystal he dropped. After each loss of the soul crystal. Players will become weaker and have less health. The soul loss limit is that the player has only 1 health, which can be Modify in the configuration file.

The module comes with a guide book and needs to be installed in front of the Patchouli.



revenge: Enchantment can only be on melee weapons, such as Sword or axe. Each time you attack, you will bounce 25% of the attack to yourself. If the player’s health is very low, the enchantment will maintain the player’s minimum health without causing the player to die.

Killer: This enchantment can increase the damage of weapons to all monsters, and each level of enchantment can increase 1.5 damage.

Endless: This enchantment is only applicable to crossbow weapons, and its effect is equivalent to the Infinity of bow enchantment.

Anger: It can only be used for Trident enchantment. Each level of enchantment can increase 1.25 throwing and melee damage, with the highest level V. With piercing, Riptide belong to the same category and therefore cannot coexist.

Upstream: It can only be used for Trident enchantments, which can increase the damage to creatures that are afraid of water (such as the last shadow) and creatures that are immune to flames (such as zombie pig spirits, flame people). The highest enchantment level is level V, and each level adds 2.5 melee and throwing damage. With Impaling, anger is mutually exclusive and cannot coexist.


  • Curios API
  • Patchouli


How To Install Minecraft Mod

  1. Press the key combination “Window+R” to Open the Run command window
  2. Insert “%appdata%” and then press “Enter” to open The “Roaming folder”
  3. You should see a folder named “.minecraft”. If you see a folder named “mods”, simply open it.
  4. If you don’t see any “mods” folder in “.minecraft” folder, don’t worry! You can just create a new folder and name it “mods”. Right-click in the folder, choose “New” -> “Folder”, rename the folder to “mods” and you are done!

Mod Download

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