Have you tried to hook Minecart With Tnt with a fishing rod in Minecraft?

Why do you build a matchbox every time you build a house? Because there is something wrong with your foundation!




when building the foundation, don’t behave yourself. You should be crooked like this. The built house will be more durable. If you don’t know how to twist it, you can open a Dirt Superflat world, then put a Mycelium square in the middle, put Grass Block in the four corners of the southeast, northwest and northwest, and drive the random time to 1000.




grass Block and Mycelium squares will spread at the same time. After the Grass Block and Mycelium squares are surrounded, you can use Plank to stroke the Mycelium squares. The stroke can be handled flexibly according to the actual situation. Finally, you can circle a circle. With this circle as the foundation, it is impossible to cover a matchbox.




we Boat very slow to row on the land, but we can row very fast on the Blue Ice, and we can also circle like this. Not only that, we can also take our Villager to circle together. If you don’t turn well, you always turn out, then you can surround the Boat with squares like this, and then turn and turn. Suddenly we Boat, the Boat stopped moving at this time, but Villager heads are still turning wildly, not only Villager, but any creature with a skull can do it. For example, it can turn Creeper, and it explodes while turning the skull. Although it is useless, it is interesting.



the cure Zombie Villager is very simple. It is OK to throw a splash-type weak Potion first and then feed the Golden Apple. However, in the survival of the pure empty island, the splash-type weak Potion can only be Crafting by going to the The Nether, so Witch becomes the key to treating the villagers. First, the Witch is trapped with Boat, and then the other Boat takes the Zombie Villager as much as possible.


As close as possible to the Witch, make sure it is within three squares of the Witch, so that Witch will have a chance to throw splash-type weak Potion.


when the Witch splashes weak Potion on the Player, the Zombie Villager will also be affected, and then feed it to eat Golden Apple. After a while, the Zombie Villager will become villagers. This is the core of the empty island.




this is a Minecart With Tnt, it can be hooked by a fishing rod, it can also be superimposed by Infinity on the Rail, and then it will explode violently when it is pushed into the square by external force. Using this principle, we superimpose Minecart With Tnt in the pit, then throw the hook on the tramcar, then cut the fishing rod to the deputy, then fill the pit with the square in the main hand, and wave the fishing rod when the target goes near the trap, minecart With Tnt will be detonated, and the fishing line can be pulled very long, so we can control TNT explosion at a long distance, which is very fragrant.




before, I introduced some methods of setting up the entrance of the chamber of secrets. Today, I will introduce another method of Minecart home. After we have built the chamber of secrets, we will put a Soul Sand at the entrance, then put a square in the empty position under the Soul Sand, with a Rail on the square and a Rail connection Soul Sand on the outside. When we sit Minecart and pass by the Soul Sand, we will pass through the Soul Sand and fall into the Rail below, in this way, you can go home quietly.

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