How to breed and tame axolotls in minecraft

Axolotl is an aquatic friendly creature in Minecraft. If you are lucky enough to find it, you have a chance to get it, but this is limited to some common types. Then the question arises, how to Breeding axolotl in Minecraft to obtain all kinds of axolotl? Let me answer this question for you. You will know everything from the food they eat to building a home for them.

Find axolotl

axolotl is an aquatic creature that can survive on land and water, just like Frog. They don’t attack Player. But except for Frog, Dolphin, Turtle and other axolotl, they are hostile to most aquatic creatures and attack. Each attack will cause 4 Health damage.

In version 1.17, you can find it in marine biota, but it is not easy to catch and Breeding in the ocean. In the 1.18 version and later, the axolotl is only Spawn in the flourishing cave cave biota.


in addition to the usual lush caves that happen to be found in mining exploration, you can also look for azalea trees on the ground, which are usually lush caves under azalea trees. But even so, azaleas are not easy to find, which may require a lot of work, and many Player are found in jungles and forests. Or you can use the Seeds code: -1835880227 to find the lush cave quickly.

Before we Breeding the axolotl, we need to find at least two. Due to their rarity, this task may take some time.

Capture Axolotl

once you find the Axolotl, you only need Water Bucket to catch it. Just hold the Water Bucket and point it at it and right-click or use the auxiliary operation key (see the moving picture below).


it puts into Bucket and turns them into “Axolotl Bucket” that can be Transportation. Then, you can keep it in your backpack and right-click it when you want to release the Axolotl. At least two Axolotl need to be captured to Breeding them in the Minecraft.

Tame Axolotl

technically speaking, you cannot tame Axolotl in Minecraft. However, you can use Water Bucket to capture and carry Axolotl. Or, you can tie them with Lead.


if you have Axolotl food in your hand, it will follow you wherever you go. However, staying away from Water for a long time can cause fatal injury to them. So, no matter how you want to keep them, make sure Axolotl are in the water.

What do Axolotl eat

like any other creature in the Minecraft, Axolotl also depends on food to enter the Breeding state. But they rely on eating Tropical Fish. And unexpectedly, you can’t feed them dead fish directly, you have to feed live fish.


axolotl only live Tropical Fish in buckets. Therefore, you first need to capture Tropical Fish and then feed them to Axolotl. But you can’t just throw Tropical Fish into the pool and feed them, Axolotl will attack and kill them. They won’t eat those Tropical Fish, you need to hold the Tropical Fish bucket and right click on the Axolotl to feed them.

Get Tropical Fish

tropical Fish are the most common fish species in the game. They have a high Spawn rate in large rivers and oceans Spawn by nature.


as for the capture part, you can use Fishing Rod. Or, you make a Boat, then go to the middle of the ocean and use Water Bucket to find and capture them (see GIF above). If you don’t like Water, make sure to make a Potion Water for breathing under the Water in advance.

Create a place for the Breeding of axolotl

now that you have newt and their food, you need to build their breeding areas. To do this, make sure you have:

  • At least two Bucket Tropical Fish
  • 3 × 3 square area full of Water
  • two Axolotl
  • use squares to trap them (preferably Glass easy to observe)

you can change the area according to personal preference. Follow the steps below to make a breeding area for the axolotl.

1. First, make a 2-high wall around the 3 × 3 area. You can use Glass to observe Axolotl more easily.


2. Then, cover the roof of the Generated structure to Protection Axolotl from hostile creatures and lightning. You can also add a Trapdoor to place and feed Axolotl.


finally, fill the whole Generated structure with water. Best done from.


Breeding Axolotl

everything is ready, it is time to start Breeding Axolotl. Refer to these steps:

1. First place two Axolotl in the breeding area. Make sure they can’t escape.

2. Then, feed each Axolotl tropical fish with 2 Bucket Of Tropical Fish.


finally, all you need to do is wait. In less than 1 minute, you will find a young Axolotl swimming beside its parents in the cage.


Things to Remember

once you have Breeding the Axolotl for the first time, remember these features before repeating the process:

  • Axolotl Breeding in Java version has 5 minutes of cooling time and in Bedrock version has 1 minute of cooling time.
  • Axolotl take 20 minutes to grow up. When you grow up, you can use them to Breeding more Axolotl.
  • If you want to speed up the growth of young Axolotl, you can feed a few Bucket Tropical Fish.

How to Get Rare Blue Axolotl

usually, young Axolotl randomly inherit the color of one of their parents. Even if you don’t have rare blue Axolotl, Axolotl of other colors can give birth to blue children. However, the chance of producing rare blue Axolotl variants is very low.


according to Minecraft Wiki, you have about 1/1200 chance of getting blue Axolotl. Disappointing, isn’t it? Unfortunately, “1200” is more than the number of Axolotl in the real world. Therefore, Minecraft is using its platform to publicize the endangered status of Axolotl as a species.

If you are familiar with Minecraft commands, you can use commands to summon blue Axolotl. But first, you need to enable cheating in the game. Then enter the following command:

/summon minecraft:axolotl ~ ~ ~ {Variant:4}

remember, cheating cannot accomplish in-game achievements.

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