How to Make and Use Beacons in Minecraft

The Item and abilities in the Minecraft are very strange, among which the “beacon” is a square with special abilities. Not only can it emit a beam to guide the direction, but it can also provide players with rich state effects. But the way it is made requires a little patience. Don’t worry, this covers all the content of the “beacon” and how to use it.

What is a beacon and its function

in Minecraft, beacons are squares used as light sources. But unlike General light sources, beacons have additional functions. When activated by the player, the beacon will give them a state effect. These effects apply to all players around the beacon. The effects are: speed (increase movement speed), jump increase, urgency (increase block destruction speed), resistance increase (reduce damage) and Power (increase melee ability), life recovery. These states are very useful in the game.

Item required to make beacons

to make beacons in Minecraft, you need the following Item. The main difficulty lies in the Nether Star Obtain:

5 glass

3 obsidian

1 Nether Star

How to Get Glass

1. Start by collecting sand. They are easy to collect, usually by the water or in the desert. We need 5 pieces of sand or red sand in total.

How to Make and Use Beacons in Minecraft

next, you need to fire sand. Put the sand in the furnace with any fuel. In a few seconds, the sand will turn to glass.

How to Make and Use Beacons in Minecraft

How to Get Obsidian

before we start Obtain obsidian, you need a Diamond Pickaxe to mine it.

2. Next, use 3 iron blocks to make an iron barrel.

Finally, it is time to look for lava.

4. Next, pour the water in the Water Bucket into the lava. When lava comes into contact with water, it becomes obsidian. What you need to do now is to mine these obsidians. You need to use Diamond Pickaxe.

How to Get Nether Star

generally speaking, you can collect Nether Star by Kill wither. Therefore, let our husband become wither.

1. To generate wither, we need 4 soul sands or soul earth. In addition to these, we need three wither skeletons. All this can only be found in the lower bound. Therefore, the lower bound portal is first created by placing obsidian in the following Format. You can use “flint” to activate it.

How to Make and Use Beacons in Minecraft

2. After entering the lower bound, start looking for soul soil or soul sand. The blue soul fire is a fairly reliable indicator. You can dig these pieces like dirt in the main world. We need 4 soul sands or soul earth to summon wither.

How to Make and Use Beacons in Minecraft

now, you need to find a lower bound fortress. It is a common generating point for wither skeletons. We need to Kill wither skeletons until we collect 3 wither skeletons. Not every wither skeleton will fall off its head.

How to Make and Use Beacons in Minecraft

4. Finally, with 4 pieces of soul sand or soul soil and 3 wither skulls, we can summon wither. It is a powerful BOSS that can fly and cause a lot of damage. Therefore, please make sure to wear the best equipment before summoning the wither, and the enchanted bow is a good weapon against the wither. For beginners, Kill wither may require many attempts. Once it dies, it will leave a Nether Star.

How to Make Beacon

Now that we have everything we need to make beacons, all we need to do is open the workbench for synthesis. However, activating the beacon is not Easy, and then upgrading it will be another matter. Therefore, please make sure you stick to the end to know everything about beacons.

How to Make and Use Beacons in Minecraft

open the workbench and place 3 obsidian blocks to fill the bottom row of the workbench. Next, put the Nether Star in the middle. Finally, place the glass blocks on both sides of the top row and Nether Star. Look, you have completed the Minecraft “lighthouse” synthesis.

How to Activate Beacons

If you think the hardest part of this tutorial is over, then you are right. But this does not mean that it does not take time to activate the beacon. Typically, it takes longer for a player to activate a beacon than it takes to make it. To activate the beacon, it must meet the following requirements:

the beam emitted by the beacon cannot be blocked by squares on the path to the sky. But a transparent square like glass can be placed on it.

Any Minecraft beacon can only work when placed at the top of the pyramid structure. The height of the pyramid defines the power level of the beacon.

Now, let’s understand what beacon pyramids are and how they affect your beacons.

What is a beacon pyramid

as the name suggests, a pyramid is a structure composed of blocks with multiple levels of promotion. According to the height, there are 4 types of beacon pyramids. More pyramid levels mean more effects and greater coverage Range. At the same time, with each level of the pyramid, you also need more and more blocks. In addition, any missing block in the pyramid will completely deactivate the beacon.

Pyramid Type

Level 1 beacon pyramid

this bare pyramid of smallest beacons is only one story high. You can build it by placing 9 blocks in a 3×3 square. Then, on the center block, you need to place a beacon to activate it.

How to Make and Use Beacons in Minecraft

level 1 beacon. You can select Speed and Urgent. The effect of the level 1 beacon is Range at a distance of 20 squares with a duration of 11 seconds.

Level 2 beacon pyramid

next is a 2-story beacon pyramid. Here, the top floor is still a 3×3 square. But the bottom floor is now a 5X5 square. The level 2 beacon pyramid requires a total of 34 squares.

How to Make and Use Beacons in Minecraft

level 2 beacon, providing new effect options: resistance increase, jump increase, and all effects are increased by 1 level. The effect of the level 2 beacon is Range at a distance of 30 squares with a duration of 13 seconds.

Level 3 beacon pyramid

the three-story pyramid is a 83-block structure. The top layer, like all other types of beacon pyramids, is a 3×3 square. The middle layer is a 5×5 square. Finally, the lowest level is a 7×7 large square.

How to Make and Use Beacons in Minecraft

level 3 beacon, providing new effect options: Power. The effect of the level 3 beacon is Range at a distance of 40 squares with a duration of 15 seconds.

Level 4 beacon pyramid

this is the last layer of the beacon pyramid. It requires a large number of blocks: 164, to be exact.

How to Make and Use Beacons in Minecraft

level 4 beacon, providing auxiliary effect selection: life recovery, other effect level upgraded to II. The effect of the level 4 beacon is Range at a distance of 50 squares with a duration of 17 seconds.

Materials Required for Pyramid Beacons

you have to use iron blocks, gold blocks, green stones, diamond blocks or lower bound alloy blocks to make pyramids. You can mix them and use them, and the beacon can still work.

How to Make and Use Beacons in Minecraft

How to Use Beacons Effectively

Now that you know how to create beacons in Minecraft, it is time to proceed to the next step.

As you know, each layer of the beacon pyramid will unlock new effects for you to use. But state effects will not be activated automatically, so let’s learn how to activate them.

1. Once the beacon sends out a bunch of Light Negative, you can right-click it to open it.

How to Make and Use Beacons in Minecraft

2. The letter is marked with its own menu. You can select the state effect that can be selected in the main effect on the left. (Can you choose a pyramid level based on your beacon) At the same time, there is an auxiliary effect on the right side, which can be activated when building a level 4 pyramid.

How to Make and Use Beacons in Minecraft

3. Now, to use these effects, players can directly activate one of the main effects and upgrade its level in the auxiliary effects. Or you can choose to keep the main effect at level 1, but at the same time activate life recovery.

How to Make and Use Beacons in Minecraft

4. Once you have no problem with your choice, it is time to activate your effect. To do this, you need to provide the beacon with one of the following Item: Iron Ingot, gold ingot, emerald, diamond or Netherite Ingot (quantity 1). As shown in the following figure, to change the activation effect, you need to provide beacon Item again for Modify.

How to Make and Use Beacons in Minecraft

How to Make and Use Beacons in Minecraft

you already know how to make the beacon and how to use it, so hurry up and build it in the game. However, if you want a level 4 pyramid beacon, then you may mine the mine well first, after all, you need a lot of minerals.

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