How to Make and Use Blast Furnace in Minecraft

tools are an important part of Minecraft. You need tools to dig ore and build houses. But after only a few minutes, most of your tools will Unbreaking run out. If you continue to use them, they will even disappear directly. In this case, worn-out tools seem to be better than disappearing directly. But don’t give up your hope for a while. If you know how to make a blast furnace, you can use the most Easy recycling system in the game. Therefore, let’s learn how to easily make and use blast furnaces.

Materials needed to make blast furnaces

to make a blast furnace, you will need three related Item. The main ingredients are:

  • 1 furnace
  • 5 Iron Ingot
  • 3 smooth stones

however, Iron Ingot Peaceful talc heads are obtained by smelting iron ore and Normal stone respectively. To melt them, you first need a Normal furnace, so we need to know how to make a furnace.

Making furnace

first, you need to find the round stone and mine it with Pickaxe. Round stone is a common square. We can use it to make talc heads Peaceful furnaces. Once you have 8 round stones, place them in a hollow square position on the workbench. Doing so will synthesize the furnace.

How to Make and Use Blast Furnace in Minecraft

Obtain other ingredients

1. Next, place the stove on the ground. Then, use the right button again to open the furnace and put the round stone into the upper empty slot. Place a combustible block in the bottom slot to start refining the smooth stone. You can use wood, wood, coal or any other combustible block. The blast furnace needs 3 smooth stones, so you have to refine at least 3.

How to Make and Use Blast Furnace in Minecraft

2. Finally, the last Item you need is Iron Ingot. You must mine iron ore with stones or higher Pickaxe. This requires you to find and mine yourself. Iron ore is still easy to find. Or you can look at previously Release ore distribution articles.
3. Once you have mined certain iron ore, you need to put them in the upper empty tank of the furnace to melt them. Like round stones, refined iron ore can be Iron Ingot. A blast furnace requires a total of 5 Iron Ingot.

How to Make and Use Blast Furnace in Minecraft

How to Make Blast Furnace

with 1 furnace, 5 Iron Ingot and 3 smooth stones, you just need to put them on the workbench.

First of all, you need to pick up the stove placed before. Remember to use Pickaxe sub-mining, otherwise it will not fall anything.

2. Next, you need to right-click to open your workbench. Place the furnace in the center tank of the manufacturing area. Then in the bottom row, place all the smooth stones. Finally, put all Iron Ingot into the empty slots in the upper and middle rows of the production area.

How to Make and Use Blast Furnace in Minecraft

now, just like the workbench, you can also put it on the ground. Its appearance and working method are very similar to Normal furnaces.

How to Make and Use Blast Furnace in Minecraft

How to Use Blast Furnace

now that you have placed the blast furnace, it is time to learn how to use it. When creating it, you have already used Normal melting pot. Most processes are the same. Let’s look at a few examples to better understand it.

Example 1: Refining Ore

first, right-click the blast furnace to open the operation interface. It looks the same as the interface of the Normal furnace. In the bottom column, you can place fuel blocks that are still limited to wood, coal, wood and similar Item.

How to Make and Use Blast Furnace in Minecraft

to refine ore, you can put them in the top column. After smelting, you can collect them from the column on the right. Remember, iron and gold are the only ores you can refine. The refining speed of the blast furnace is twice that of the furnace, and the speed is fast.

Example 2: Refining Item

just like ore, you can also smelt metal Item in a blast furnace. You can refine tools, weapons and armor made of iron and gold. The result of smelting is that you will get a metal grain for each iron or gold tool. However, this function is more chicken ribs, and the main output is too little. However, it is better to throw away the damaged tools that do not need garbage equipment.

How to Make and Use Blast Furnace in Minecraft

although they use the same amount of fuel as Normal furnaces, blast furnace smelting Item is very fast.

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