How to Make Concrete in Minecraft

The main problem in building houses in Minecraft is the lack of squares of various colors. Some colors you need may be difficult to find the quantity you want. Then use concrete as the main building material, which can solve your problem. We will introduce how to make concrete in Minecraft. You can get 16 unique colors of concrete. Moreover, the materials for making this square are easy to find. Therefore, as long as there is enough time, concrete is one of the building materials for your house creativity.

What is concrete ?

similar to the real world, concrete is the building material in Minecraft. It comes in 16 colors, just like wool, but concrete is not easy to burn. As for the color is relatively bright and thick, it is suitable for architectural decoration and construction. It does not have any function and is mainly used for decoration.

How to Make Concrete in Minecraft

compared with other squares, the concrete material is cleaner and smoother. It is not affected by the gravity of the game and can float in the air. But when it is powdery, it is affected by gravity and will be discussed later.

concrete color

How to Make Concrete in Minecraft

you can use different dyes to make concrete blocks of the following colors, in the same order as the following list (from left to right):

black concrete

red concrete

green concrete

brown concrete

blue concrete

purple concrete

cyan concrete

light gray concrete

grey concrete

pink concrete

yellow green concrete

yellow concrete

light blue concrete

magenta concrete

orange concrete

white concrete

Making concrete Item

to make concrete in Minecraft, you must first make concrete powder, which requires the following Item:

four pieces of gravel

four pieces of sand

A dye of the desired color

you can find gravel and sand around and on the surface of the body of water. Rivers are the best place to find them.

Concrete manufacturing method

after the concrete powder is ready, you can convert it into concrete blocks with water. Follow these steps to make concrete easily in Minecraft:

1. First, open your workbench and place the dye in the first cell of the workspace in the top row. Then, put two sands next to it. Next, place two more sand in the first two cells of the middle row, followed by grit. Finally, the bottom row is filled with gravel to complete the synthesis.

2. The above synthetic table will provide you with concrete powder. It is similar to concrete and is also a block. But it is affected by the gravity of the game. Therefore, unlike concrete, if there are no obstacles below it, it will not float in the air.

3. In order to convert concrete powder into concrete blocks, you must make it contact with water. You can put concrete powder into water or pour water around a group of concrete powder blocks. Then, in a few seconds, all the concrete powder will become concrete, and after success you will see Texture changes.

Questions often asked by players

Q1: Do I need Water Bucket to make concrete?

You can use Water Bucket or water to convert concrete powder into concrete. But this process is not suitable for rain or Water Bottle.

Q2: Can you get concrete in Minecraft?

Even under Survival, you can easily make concrete with concrete powder. To make concrete powder, you need 3 ingredients, including four pieces of gravel, four pieces of sand and a dye of the desired color. Then, you can follow the synthesis method. When you put these pieces in water, they become concrete.

Q3: How to Collect Concrete after Water Conversion

pickaxe need to be used to collect the converted concrete.

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