How to Make Shield in Minecraft

As we all know, it is not safe in the game Minecraft and there are dangers everywhere. Fortunately, the game provides some security measures accordingly. You can use the best Potion to improve your Power or your ability to resist the enemy through Enchanting equipment. But these operations all make people feel too much work, don’t they? If you are lazy, you only need to make Shield, and you can skip these complicated processes when resources are scarce in the early days. This is a simple tool, but it is very effective to Protection you. You can take it to Knockback attacks, block ejection, and watch it make you look like a knight (with skin).

What are Minecraft Shield and their uses?


Shield is a Blocking tool in Minecraft. Its main purpose is to Protection Player from incoming attacks. But it only works when you’re holding a Shield. Unlike armor, you can’t fight while raising your Shield. You must find the right time to hold up your Shield to resist key injuries and then fight back with the victory.

What can Shield in Minecraft block?

  • shield can block all kinds of attacks, but not all of them. The attacks it can prevent include:
  • melee attack (Shield will be disabled for 5 seconds after the attack block of the axe or Warden)
  • arrow, Tipped Arrow Arrow and Light Spirit Arrow
  • trident, Snowball and Egg
  • projectile attacks from organisms, including Blaze, Shulker and Pufferfish, etc.
  • Bee sting
  • explosion damage caused by Creeper and other Player activated Tnt

An unstoppable attack

  • you cannot block the following attacks with Shield:
  • arrow from Crossbow with Piercing Enchanting
  • lasers from Guardian and Elder Guardian Guardian
  • player yourself or Redstone activated Tnt
  • transmission and Falling Injuries
  • warden long-range attacks
  • ender Crystal explosion injuries
  • impact Damage of Trident with Riptide Spells

how to Get Shield in Minecraft?

apart from the production (which we will finish in one second), the only other way to get Shield in the Minecraft can only be Trading. You must find a skilled craftsman to Trading Villager. They will charge five Emerald.

Making Shield Required Items

you need the following items to make Shield, an iron ingot, 6 Plank (any) and a Crafting Table.


iron Ore is easy to find, then Furnace smelting is used to obtain iron ingots. As for Plank, everyone knows how to get it. Mixing different Plank in the Shield production formula does not affect the production of Shield.

formulation of Minecraft Shield

  • to make Shield in the Minecraft, follow these steps:
  • first, place an iron ingot in the middle cell of the first row of Crafting Table.
  • Then, put a Plank on each side of the first row of iron ingots.
  • Next, fill the second row of the production area with Plank.
  • Finally, in order to complete the Shield recipe, place a Plank in the middle cell of the bottom row of the production area.


How to Make Different Styles of Shield

shield currently there is a problem that can only be made using Wood. Therefore, its Default appearance is wooden. We can make Banner to Crafting different styles of Shield. This feature is limited to Minecraft Java versions and can be skipped by Bedrock users.


Crafting Customized Shield required items

you only need the following two items to make Customized Shield: ordinary Shield and Banner


You can make Banner by combining six Wool pieces with a stick. The color of the Banner depends on the color of the Wool, and you can also use Loom to draw patterns on it.

Banner and Shield Crafting


when you are ready to Banner, put the Banner and Shield in the production area. There is no fixed arrangement for this recipe. Therefore, you can place these two items anywhere in the production area. The final result will be the same Shield as the Banner design.

How to Use Shield?

to use Shield in Minecraft, you must equip and use it. It is recommended to put it on your deputy, which can be easier to use in combat. If the Shield is on your deputy, you need to press the right button or the auxiliary operation key to use it.


when you lift the Shield, your character will walk slowly to get better Blocking. Remember, doing so will still make the back suffer. Each attack will reduce the durability of the Shield, so you can use Anvil to repair it, otherwise it will break. Or, by adding Enchanting to the Shield to extend its service life.

Do you use Shield in Minecraft?

the game is constantly updated, and there are more and more hostile creatures. It is still very practical to make a Shield. When we are playing, we must bring Shield with us, which is a little bit blocking the field of vision, but it is still very good to effectively prevent small white bows and arrows from shooting. Do you use Shield in the game?

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