How to use Conduit permanent Respiration

“Conduit” is a powerful but underused square in the game. Just like Beacon in Minecraft, it can provide you with more powerful special abilities than Potion. But unlike Beacon, even if you are not there, it can attack some hostile creatures for you. Most importantly, it is the only one that keeps permanent Respiration without using mod modules, and even you can live in water. Since it has such a big effect, you can guess that the use of Conduit is not simple. But don’t worry, this covers all the “Conduit” information you need to know. From its preparation to use and all its functions. Xiangzijun will introduce everything in detail, without saying much, let’s enter the “Conduit” world!

What is Minecraft “Conduit”


similar to Minecraft Beacon, a Conduit is an energy block that, once activated, provides special effects to the Player within a short distance. One of the most common effects of using Conduit is to be able to Respiration. Conduit will not be Spawn naturally in Minecraft as items.


in addition, it cannot be Trading or found in any Chest. Player must manually make Conduit to use it in the game. Once it is ready, you can place, break and pick it up effortlessly.

What is the role of Conduit

  • when the Player is within its range, it will provide special effects for Player. These abilities are mainly used in my world sea and underwater.
  • Conduit can cause damage to hostile creatures within a radius of 8 cells, provided that the hostile creatures come into contact with Water or rain.
  • It can also be used as a light source for lighting. Whether activated or not, Conduit will emit even brighter light than Torch.

The “surge energy” effect provided by the Conduit

the Conduit provides the following Water and rain combination capabilities:

  • breathing in the water allows you to stay underwater without having to go to the surface to breathe.
  • Even in the case of insufficient or no light, the night vision effect provided can have good visibility.
  • Urgently allows Player to Breaking squares faster in the water.

Combined, these capabilities will constitute a powerful underwater experience. Alternatively, you can use the Brewing table to make Potion of these effects. But those Potion have time limits. As long as you are within the Conduit range, these effects are permanent.

How to Make Conduit

to make Conduit in Minecraft, you first need to collect rare Heart Of The Sea. These can be found in Minecraft Buried treasure. Then you need to combine this rare item with 8 Nautilus Shell on a Crafting Table.


Heart Of The Sea how to find

the only source of Heart Of The Sea is “Buried treasure”. And “Buried treasure” must have Buried Treasure Map to find. However, “Buried Treasure Map” can only be Spawn in two rare locations. One is the ruins of the sea floor, which is probably the Spawn chance of 50%. The other is the Shipwreck. If there are Map boxes in it, the 100% can find Buried Treasure Map. Due to the high generation rate of Shipwreck, we mainly find the Buried Treasure Map by finding the Shipwreck.

Shipwreck Spawn Biome that can be on all ocean Biome or near the sea, it may be on the seabed, it may be on the beach, it may be on the sea, etc., such as the following figure:


after finding the Shipwreck, there can be up to 3 Chest, one of which is the Map box. Generally at the bottom, you need to break some parts of the Shipwreck to find it. If you can’t find Map box, you have to keep looking for another Shipwreck.

After finding the Buried Treasure Map, open the Buried Treasure Map and follow the Map indicators to find “Buried treasure”. There are rare Heart Of The Sea in it.

Nautilus Shell how to find

there are three kinds of Nautilus Shell, one is to catch Fish, two is to kill Drowned, and three is to Trading with Wandering Trader. Relatively speaking, Nautilus Shell is a little easier to find, but it takes 8 Nautilus Shell, and collecting more will come in handy sooner or later.

How to Use Conduit

after activation, the use of Conduit is very automated. As long as you are within the Conduit range, it will continue to give you “Conduit Power”. These abilities exert special effects on Player, but only temporarily. If you move out of the Conduit range, the effect will fail within a few seconds.

How to activate Conduit

to activate the Conduit, it must be placed in the middle of the Customized Architecture Generated structure. The result can only be effective using the following Material:

  • prismarine
  • dark Prismarine
  • sea crystal brick
  • sea Lantern

You don’t have to use one type of Material to make up. You can use the mashup Generated structure of the above Material, and there is no problem. As for shapes, there can be three types of Conduit Generated structure.

Conduit Generated structure type

minecraft have three different types of Conduit Generated structure:

  • Level 1 effect, 16 square Generated structure, radius 32 square distance effect range
  • Level 2 effect, 30 square Generated structure, radius 63 square distance effect range
  • Level 3 effect, 42 square Generated structure, radius 96 square distance effect range

The Conduit effect of the first two Generated structure is similar, but the range is different. They all only provide the effect of “surge energy” for the surrounding Player. However, 42 Generated structure also have an additional advantage. It will automatically detect and attack hostile creatures within 8 squares of the Conduit. But these hostile creatures must come into contact with Water, whether it is direct contact or rain Water contact.

How to Make Conduit Generated structure
do these steps to make a complete Conduit Generated structure:1. First, make a hollow vertical square with 5 squares on each side. You need 16 squares to complete it. This is the first-level effect 16 Generated structure.640-3

2. Next, make another hollow square in the middle that intersects the original square. It should be at a 90 degree angle. This is the secondary effect 30 Generated structure.


3. Finally, to make a complete level 3 effect 42 Generated structure, you need to add the following Generated structure. A square is being added horizontally.


4. No matter which Generated structure you choose, you only need to put the Conduit in its center to activate it. You must first place a temporary square under it to place it, and then you are breaking the temporary square and floating it in the center to activate it.


what do Conduit do for

in addition to obtaining the “surge energy” effect, Player can also use Conduit for various purposes. Some of them are:

  • Conduit is one of the brightest light sources in the Minecraft, making the base easier to find underwater.
  • Multiple Conduit can help you Protection your underwater base from hostile creatures in all directions.
How to Break and Move Conduit

first, tear down the external Generated structure of the Conduit. Next, use the Pickaxe to destroy the Conduit and the Conduit will fall. But the Conduit will explode when it breaks. Therefore, you should keep a certain distance when Breaking.

Player frequently asked questions

Q1: Will Conduit kill Guardian?

Conduit will attack all underwater hostile creatures within a radius of 8. Therefore, if the Guardian enters the range, it will be injured and may die.

Q2: Why doesn’t my Conduit work?

First, make sure your Conduit Generated structure matches the Generated structure in our tutorial. Then, try to remove any incompatible squares from the Generated structure to make it work.

Q3: How to Respiration without Potion?

Conduit allow Player to be Respiration without using any Potion for Respiration. As long as the Player is within the Conduit range, its effect will last forever. Under the Generated structure of 42 blocks of the three-level effect, this range can be extended to a distance of 96 blocks in each direction.

Start making Conduit now!

the Minecraft ocean is dark and dangerous, and the oxygen-deficient deep sea becomes even more terrible. Fortunately, with all the information you know Conduit, it is now easier to explore. You can bravely venture into all Minecraft ocean Biome. Although I suggest using the best Trident Enchanting to obtain additional Protection. What are you going to do with Conduit? Tell me in the comments.

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