Minecraft Player held a mourning meeting for fireflies, Goodbye, fireflies!

“Goodbye, firefly!” Watching Mojang give up the firefly update completely, tens of thousands of players in Minecraft expressed their grief for the fireflies in the community ~




Firefly (Firefly) is a kind of Minecraft announced in October 2021 that it will be added to the “wilderness” in the next year. It ended sadly in May 2022. Its short-term fate was declared dead before joining the Minecraft. Therefore, all Minecraft Player are observing fireflies in their own way.

Player 1: “Rest well my fireflies:(“



Rest in peace, my fireflies!




fireflies first appeared in the Player field of view and are similar to particles with only two pixel points. Although this seemingly simple setting, the hidden Mojang Avenue is the simple truth: a new creature is completed with two pixels, and Mojang wins the hemp ~




if fireflies are really as Mojang originally thought, adding mc as a non-Entity particle effect will not only solve the problem of a new organism, but also solve the problem of Frog eating. I have to say, the way Mojang was going to take at first really won!

Player 2: Goodbye Firefly; Goodbye fireflies!




Fireflies silently came to copper puppets, angry eyes, Ice, creature A, creature C, creature D, Mooshroom, mongoose, ostrich and other creatures, and said dejectedly: “Hello guys”.



what kind of stem is this? Old players should all know that the above-mentioned creatures are the creatures that have finally been “eliminated” in various versions, or biological votes, or MinecraftLive. No one knows what version and strange way they will join the game in the future. They are currently in a pool of Mojang’s ideas and features, and may be turned over in the next second. Who knows? And fireflies, sadly joined the family that was removed.



Player 3: “I want to give fireflies a deserved justice!”




A created “firefly Lantern” is based on the principle of Crafting with caught fireflies and Lantern. This feature cannot help and makes people feel sorry for the removal of fireflies. Although as far as the “controversy” of Mojang is concerned, this “firefly Lantern” alone does not prove the complexity of the firefly itself, but it can be seen that if the firefly is added to mc as a Entity, it will be The smallest Entity creature in the history of Minecraft.




Of course, there is also a possibility to treat fireflies as a kind of rendering particles similar to “Dragon’S Breath”, and use jars to capture firefly particles floating in the Air and use them to make a simple luminous jar. From this point of view, it seems that firefly inaction Entity also make sense. So correspondingly, should a square Glass Bottle similar to the Lantern material be added?



in fact, in the twilight forest of the old classic mod of “Minecraft”, a firefly jar can be Crafting with Glass Bottle fireflies.

Player 4: “Mojang doesn’t add fireflies, so I decided to do it myself!”




Mojang believes that it is more difficult for fireflies to join “Minecraft” as Entity creatures, so in the original plan, they are more inclined to non-biological fireflies. For this, Minecraft Player made a firefly model overnight.




in fact, if you know something about the module twilight forest. In this MOD, there is a forest called the Firefly Forest. The firefly in this forest is not a creature, but a square that glows on the trunk of the birth tree. This kind of square can Crafting firefly jars and be used as street lamps.




in addition, have you noticed that this firefly forest in the twilight MOD of Minecraft is designed to look much better than the original mc forest. Wide, high, with enough space for activities and exploration, if the trunk is replaced by Birch, a better primeval Birch forest will be born!

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