Minecraft the legendary character “HIM” really exists?

HIM is a figure in Minecraft legend. Except for his glowing white eyes, his appearance is similar to Steve. HIM is an eerie horror legend concocted by a large community of Minecraft fans. The story of HIM dates back to 2010, when some Minecraft players claimed to have seen HIM in their single-player world.

HIM’s Legends

A video game anchor was playing Minecraft in 2010 and everything was fine at first. He was preparing the synthesis tool when he found a dot moving on the screen. At first he thought it was a cow, so he wanted to Obtain some leather. But when he approached, he realized that it was not a cow. Not far away, there was a figure standing staring at him. The figure was wearing default skin and his eyes were blank. A few seconds later, the figure ran to the distance and disappeared.

The player decides to ignore it and continue the game. He saw very strange things as he expanded around the game. The 2×2 tunnel in the rock, the perfect pyramid in the ocean, and the forest where all the leaves were cut off. Then he saved the map and went to the forum to ask if anyone else had found the “pseudo player”. However, he did not follow him to create a theme to tell about the person and asked if anyone had a similar experience. The post was deleted within five minutes. He tried again and the topic was deleted faster.

Later, he received a PM from the username “Herobrine”, which contained one word: “Stop “. The page was 404 when he went to check Herobrine’s profile. “HIM” is called “Herobrine in Minecraft”.

about the past month, a forum informant provided new information and investigated Herobrine the name is the brother of the game developer. Then the player emailed the game developer to ask if he had a brother. After a long time, he received a brief reply, “I did it, but he is no longer with us”. So far, the player has never seen this mysterious man “HIM”. The only evidence of the “HIM” incident is the screenshot of the game at that time, as shown in the figure below, which can be seen vaguely.

Minecraft the legendary character

although the game developer Notch denies having any brothers, some Minecraft fans still think HIM is Notch’s brother. Even without any evidence, the legend of HIM is growing.

In fact, what makes this story even more hot is that a subsequent anchor even used live video to stage a prank. He began playing his normal living world, and finally, he walked into the room, where there was a processed painting that looked like HIM. The anchor put that Painting there just to fool his audience. He ended the live broadcast, always claiming that he saw HIM and got the desired results, and his live broadcast became a hot topic.

Another anchor named Patimuss ended up using the same hype in one of his videos, where he redesigned a door to look like HIM floating in a patch of lava. However, the anchor eventually admitted unexpectedly that it was a hoax from one of his live broadcasts and was bombarded with negative comments from the Minecraft fan community.

Minecraft the legendary character

while both of those things turned out to be false in the end, HIM’s story has become too famous. Fan forums began to share personal screenshots of HIM himself. Many Minecraft players claim to see HIM and haunt their world, but in the end, these claims make no sense to them.

Throughout Minecraft history, many popular content creators began to add their own stories to HIM. Many adventure map makers, video masters, and even developers themselves have mentioned the ghost image of HIM.

Mojang often said that they have never added an entity like HIM to the game, and they do not plan to do so in the future. However, HIM became so popular that Mojang added the words “remove HIM” to each update log.

Minecraft the legendary character

until the Minecraft 1.16 update Release, just in time for HIM’s 10th anniversary, Mojang did not add the word “remove HIM” to the updated update log for the first time since 2010. As expected, this change has left the community wondering about the existence of HIM.

When the player does not Modify the version of the game, it is actually impossible to generate HIM into your world. Since HIM has never really existed in Vanilla games, players cannot generate HIM in their world. And most videos or articles that tell you how to generate HIM are either fake or use community-made modules to generate him.

Minecraft HIM’s Appearance and Behavior

Minecraft the legendary character

the appearance of HIM is similar to Minecraft’s default male character Steve. You can easily find the only difference between the two is the presence of HIM’s glowing white eyes. HIM’s eyes are said to actually glow, similar to those of a shadow man or spider.

When it comes to HIM’s Behavior, it is usually known that the entity will destroy the world Minecraft users are playing. Some players found HIM holding a Pickaxe in his hand, although most of his time was empty. Due to the Pickaxe, many community players also speculate that HIM is actually a ghost miner who haunts the world, which can also explain the many abandoned mines generated in the Minecraft. In most cases, HIM will not be regarded as a hostile creature.

HIM update logs

to be clear, HIM has never really been introduced into the game itself. Update logs often reflect “HIM has been deleted”, which is the developer text between updates. Many updates include “HIM removed” or “HIM removed”, but this is just a gimmick among developers.

HIM first appeared in the update log of Beta1.6.6 in May 2011 and appeared in the entire update log until Java update 1.16.2 in August 202020. In fact, there is no actual Changes of HIM.

Minecraft HIM module

minecraft legend HIM is now so popular that there is a whole set of different modules that allow players to add mysterious entities to your game. Most of these modules try to be faithful to the existing HIM legend and add signs of HIM’s ruin, including trees without leaves and Manufacture underground tunnels.

Minecraft the legendary character

in addition, the HIM module also allows you to actually summon HIM in the game. These modules allow you to fight HIM like any other Boss. Each module adds different abilities to HIM, and players can fully enjoy the legendary characters that have attracted the imagination of fans for ten years.

In the end, HIM was called the symbol of the Minecraft community and was adapted into skin, modules, etc.

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