Regarding the small characteristics of the Minecraft Ender Dragon, how to break its Blocking?

In 15w31a, the Ender Crystal prop form has not been added, Player if you want to resurrect the Ender Dragon, you need the help of clay blocks and Creeper.


first of all, use Clay to build the appearance of the Creeper. When the last Clay is placed, the Creeper pattern will disappear, and then the Ender Dragon will appear. Although this Ender Dragon has no blood, it can be killed normally, and the Ender Dragon will fall every time it dies. Dragon Egg, it is very magical.


then we will push the time to version 1.10.2. At this time, Ender Crystal have already added MC. We can normally use Ender Crystal to resurrect the Ender Dragon. However, this is only the lowest level of technique. The more advanced one only needs two Ender Crystal to resurrect the Ender Dragon. The specific method is to destroy the block of the The End transmission Door first.


in the survival mode, we can use the Dispenser to cling to the transmission Door, then fill the Dispenser with Water Bucket, and use the water source to destroy the transmission Door. In order to save time, I directly use my hand to remove it. After pulling out such a diagonal gap, we can put a Ender Crystal here, and then put another Ender Crystal here to successfully revive the Ender Dragon. However, this is not the top-level playing method. In fact, we can revive the Ender Dragon without Ender Crystal, we use water to destroy all the transmission Door squares, then we exit the game and re-enter. We can see that Ender Dragon blood bars have appeared on the screen, but we haven’t seen the Ender Dragon yet at this time. We need to wait for a while, ranging from about 10-40 seconds. You will hear the roar of the Ender Dragon, and then it will appear out of thin air, and the Ender Dragon of 0 Ender Crystal resurrection will drop 12000 experience points each time! And every resurrection will drop Dragon Egg!


Let’s move to the Bedrock version. The Bedrock version has a very domineering feature, that is, to imprison Ender Dragon. In the early MC version, Minecart can be used to trap Ender Dragon, but this feature has long been gone, so we need another method.


first find the vertex of Longchi and make a 10*10 border, which is roughly the case. Each vertex makes a border, which is specifically the case. Then use the End Stone to raise the border by 12 squares. You must use the End Stone. The other squares will disappear when the shadow dragon hits. Of course, you have to use the Obsidian with higher acquisition cost.


after all the are raised by 12 squares, the bottom is covered with Soul Sand, and then each box is filled with Water. If you cheat, you can fill the Water with one key of instructions. If you survive, you can only pour Water honestly one by one, or use Kelp characteristics. In this way, you can produce a large pool of Bubble Column. These Bubble Column will prevent the Ender Dragon from landing, however, in the Ender Dragon behavior, it can be roughly divided into hovering, sprinting, perching and escaping, and in the system judgment, the Ender Dragon must complete the perching action before performing other actions, otherwise the Player will not be able to attack it, but due to the existence of Bubble Column, it cannot fall down, But the AI told it that you must fall behind, otherwise you can’t perform other actions, and the Ender Dragon got trapped.



In the Bedrock version, we can throw throwing objects, bows and arrows or Snowball, or even Egg, at the skull of the shadow dragon. It is not harmful and insulting. Let the Ender Dragon become angry from embarrassment and break its Blocking. This Bed will cause real damage. This is also the reason why the Bedrock version’s speed pass performance is faster than the java version, because the card feature is too fast.

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