Thirteen Suggestions of Player for Minecraft 1.19 Birch Forest

Old Growth Birch Forest, a group that many Minecraft Player think should be added to the 1.19. But in fact, the original birch forest already exists in the current version. The difference from ordinary birch forests is that the original birch forests appear taller. Therefore, if 1.19 realize the concept map of this Birch, then this work belongs to the renovation of the group, not the new group.



1. For higher birch trees, many Player do not know that the main reason for the existence of primitive birch forests in Minecraft is insufficient identification. Therefore, the primary Birch forest needs taller trees and is a relatively average group. You should know that the growth height of birch trees in reality can easily reach about 25 meters.

2. More birds. In 2012, Jon Kgstrm mentioned birds, so birds are in Mojang’s list of items to be developed. Later, the addition of Parrot is considered to be a supplement to this feature. However, Birch forest is a good opportunity to join birds. In other words, Parrot can also appear in Birch forests besides the jungle.



3, azaleas, azaleas trees; Let azaleas appear reasonably in Birch forests is a good opportunity to add more bottom plants in lush caves to mc ground.

4. Falling trees; Although the fallen dead trees have already appeared in BE, JE seems to have never joined such trees. If you join the Birch forest, it will be another good opportunity for feature synchronization.

5. Hollow-out tree trunks; Minecraft Live2021, Agens mentioned the conceptual art of Birch forests used when immersive groups. There are such hollow tree trunks. If the hollow trunk is added, does it mean that mc can Crafting more interesting items?



6. Raised trunk; The birch tree in the artistic concept map is perfectly restored. Under these raised trunks, there is a high probability that the Bee Nest will be Spawn. There is also a reasonable explanation for the Spawn source of the raised trunk. The first is the tumor caused by the Bee settling down here. The second is that this is a branch of the tree, which Bee to settle down.



7, boulder block; A boulder block composed of Moss Stone that can be Spawn naturally. Perhaps this is similar to the Generated structure in coniferous forests and has no special significance. However, in the towering and sparse Birch forest, it is reasonable to have more of these boulders on the ground. Maybe you can find a treasure chest in the middle of some boulder pile?



8. Moss Carpet; In the newly added mangrove group in JAVA version 1.19, moss Carpet will Spawn on mangrove roots. In fact, it is more realistic. Primitive moist forests are prone to this moss in the root part of the tree. Maybe Birch forest can also try it.



9. Bee Nest; Bee Nest must be in Birch forests. There will be a problem here, because the birch tree is too high and the position of the Bee Nest Spawn on the tree is too high. For Player, perhaps the difficulty of Bee Nest increases and the Bee becomes relatively safe.



10. More Flower and Mushroom: It is a good idea to add more interesting Xiao Ye Flower to the new forest. The trunk of the primeval forest is also covered with Mushroom.

11. Deciduous leaves: Real deciduous leaves. At present, many modules and light shadow can realize deciduous behavior. In fact, Minecraft itself can do it. For example, spore Flower in lush caves have similar particle rendering.



12, giant tree monster; The tree monster appears in the game, which is not a strange setting. Generally speaking, this will be a manifestation of “trees becoming fine”, but what bad thoughts do trees have? So this tree monster belongs to a neutral creature. The towering and sparse virgin Birch forest may be very suitable for joining this kind of tree monster.

13. primitive forest relics: mc’s jungle belongs to tropical rain forest, which itself is a primitive forest design. Perhaps there can also be a new kind of primitive forest relic in the primitive birch forest.



Mojang, players have already made a full version of your original birch forest, and all kinds of ideas and suggestions have been perfected. aren’t you going to add them?

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