Use and Manufacture of Minecraft Dispenser

Dispenser is a red stone element used to emit Item squares. Its function can make you many things. Today we will introduce the Usage of Dispenser and its production process. Don’t beat around the bush, now start learning how to use and make Dispenser.

What is the Minecraft Dispenser?

the Dispenser is a solid square in the Minecraft, which can also double as a redstone Component. Its main purpose is to send or throw Item when activated. Some of these Item (such as TNT) are activated when throwing. At the same time, arrows and other Item will be shot, similar to the shooting of long-range weapons such as crossbows.

Use and Manufacture of Minecraft Dispenser

note: Do not confuse “Dispenser” with another red stone Component called “thrower”, which is only a square that can throw out Item or transfer Item to another container. The thrower cannot activate or place Item.

How to Get Dispenser in Minecraft

dispenser Natural are generated in the jungle temple. However, we suggest that you insist on making Dispenser manually, because it may take longer to find the jungle temple and it is not so safe.


How to activate Dispenser

similar to other redstone elements, you must activate the Dispenser by triggering. These triggers can include:

  • power Component, such as Redstone Torch, charging squares, etc.
  • powered Redstone Repeater and Redstone Comparator
  • redstone of charging
  • leverages, trip String, buttons, etc
  • semi-Connectivity (Java Only)


Making Dispenser Required Item

to make Dispenser, you only need the following four Item:

  • 7 round stones
  • 1 Redstone
  • 1 bow
  • workbench (synthetic Item)

stone is one of the most common squares in the Minecraft world. You can dig it with Pickaxe to Obtain round stones. Compared with round stones, red stones are a little harder to find, but I believe you are an old miner and there is no problem.

Make bow

after finding redstone and round stone, you only need to make a bow to make Dispenser. To make a bow, place 3 String and 3 Stick in the workbench. The following figure.

Use and Manufacture of Minecraft Dispenser


Making Dispenser

then combine all the Item to synthesize Dispenser. Here’s how to do this:

1. First, three round stones are placed in the first discharge of the workbench.

2. Then, put the bow in the middle of the second row and a Redstone in the middle of the bottom row.

3. Finally, place the remaining round stones on both sides of the bow and Redstone. Look, you have already made a Dispenser.

Use and Manufacture of Minecraft Dispenser

How to Use Dispenser in Minecraft

when you are ready to Dispenser, you only need to put the allocated Item in. You can right-click or use the auxiliary operation key to open its inventory. As for what Item can be put in, I introduced the appropriate Item list at the lower level. Once installed, you only need to use any of the above redstone mechanisms to activate the Dispenser.

After activation, you can use Dispenser for the following purposes:

  • quickly equip armor
  • security system for throwing weapons at enemies
  • place various barrels, tramcars and other entities when needed
  • used to create automatic farms
  • create an automatic Item distribution system to Obtain Item without opening the box

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