Minecraft PE 1.19.31


  • As of October 5, 2022, players on the Xbox versions of Minecraft will begin receiving an update that improves game performance, alongside a few other changes. You can read more about this in our FAQ Article
  • 自 2022 年 10 月 5 日起,Xbox 玩家将开始收到改进游戏性能的更新,同时还有一些其他的变更。可在 常见问题 了解到更多信息。

New Mobile Touch Controls:


  • Under Settings > (Controls) > Touch there is a new toggle entitled, Enable New Touch Controls Schemes. When toggled ON, a new Interaction Model dropdown menu will appear, allowing players to use the new Touch scheme, the new Crosshair scheme, or the original Classic scheme.
  • 在 设置 > (控制) > 触摸控制 下有了一个新的按钮,启用新版触摸控制方案。启用时,将会展示一个新的交互模型菜单,允许玩家使用新的触摸控制方案,新的准星方案,或者继续使用旧方案。


  • Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay
  • 修复了一些游玩时可能出现的崩溃
  • Fixed terrain on Maps getting replaced with black pixels (MCPE-162421)
  • 修复了地图上的地形被替换为黑色像素的问题 (MCPE-162421)
  • Fixed a bug that unbound the Inventory key when using the Full Keyboard Gameplay toggle
  • 修复了启用全键盘游玩时,背包键被解除绑定的问题
  • Fixed players sometimes spawning under the obsidian platform and falling into the void after entering an End Portal for the first time after the 1.19.30 update on Realms (MCPE-162482)
  • 修复了 1.19.30 版本后, Realms 上玩家首次进入末地传送门后会生成在黑曜石平台下并掉入虚空的问题 (MCPE-162482)



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