How did Minecraft’s amazing face recognition door come true?



There are usually minerals under the magma pool. The traditional method is to place squares to fill magma. However, this requires digging out the squares to see if there are any minerals below. Moreover, the magma will spread after the squares are dug out. At this time, it needs to be Trapdoor, especially the Oak is Trapdoor. Its material is hollow. We can see if there are any minerals below at a glance. Moreover, it isolates magma while we can Breaking minerals, which is very convenient.




this is an ordinary transmission Door with light and shadow added, but it still looks dry and not good-looking, so how can we beautify the transmission Door? First make a transmission Door frame, then fill the inside and outside of the Obsidian with display boxes, then put the Map in the display box, and finally activate the transmission Door.

if you still have a little Map pixel painting, you can change the Map into your favorite picture, such as the head portrait of the old picture sauce, then a customized version of the transfer Door will be done.



before, I introduced a colorful color-changing Beacon. The java version Player said it was too noisy, and the Bedrock version Player said it could not be done. Then let’s make a general version of the rainbow Beacon today, which is not noisy. The method is very simple. It is to superimpose color Glass Pane on the Beacon light column. If the light column is too conspicuous to see clearly, you can turn off the Beacon first, then cycle superimpose your favorite color, and finally activate, it is also very beautiful at night.




this is the pain that the server Player can understand. When the server delay is too large, it will often fall back. It will also affect the eating of the Player, because eating food has eating animation, and delaying falling back will often interrupt the eating animation. Then Cake is our best choice at this time. It does not have eating animation, that is, eating immediately, which is very convenient. The only disadvantage is that it cannot be stacked and is inconvenient to carry.




students who have dogs should all encounter a problem. Every time you open the door and go home, the door is closed, but the dog does not come in, and then you have to open the door manually to let it in, which is very troublesome.



at this time, we knocked out the squares next to the Door, then pasted the Sign, and then used the Painting against the Sign. As for whether it is one or two squares, everyone will do it according to their own preferences, and then the same operation is done outside, so that when we go home, the dog can directly pass through the Painting. Then there is the safety problem that everyone is worried about. I also tested it. Little zombies will not get into this dog hole. It is probably because the route finding algorithm is different from that of dogs.




I told you before that my family does security Door, but the times are advancing and technology is developing. My family has introduced a face recognition security Door. We only need to scan the face of the Eye Of Ender, and the big Door will automatically open. After leaving, the big Door will automatically close. Then you can also add a face scanning device inside, so that you can also control the Door switch from the inside, which is very convenient, in fact, this thing has something to do with Pufferfish. We dig a hole, put a Fence in it, and then pour the Pufferfish bucket into it. A Pressure Plate is attached to it to connect Iron Door Door. When a creature approaches the Pufferfish, the Pufferfish will expand twice. When the second expansion reaches its maximum size, it will trigger the Pressure Plate to open the Door. When the creature leaves, the size of the Pufferfish will shrink to realize the closing Door.

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