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Beta (Android) or Preview (Windows, iOS, iPadOS, Xbox) is the fourth beta/Preview version for Bedrock Edition 1.19.70, released on February 15-18, 2023, which adds the Sniffer, Archaeology, and fixes bugs.



  • Added the “Sniffer” experimental toggle.
    • Enables all sniffer-related features.
      • The sniffer, torchflowers, and torchflower seeds.


  • Released block properties and permutations out of experimental in JSON formats 1.19.70 and higher.
    • Added a content warning when loading world with more than 65536 custom block permutations. Custom block permutation counts are logged in debug log.



Horse breeding
  • When breeding horses, the baby horse now has a chance of being better than its parents in speed, jump strength, and health.
    • This change is intended to make horse breeding a viable way of getting great horses, if a player starts with good parents and puts in enough time and golden carrots.


These additions and changes are accessible by enabling the “Next Major Update”, “Sniffer”, and “Beta APIs” experimental toggle.



Decorated Pot
  • Can be crafted with any 4 pottery shards or brick items, shaped rhombic.
    • The type of crafting material decides which picture would occur on the certain side of the crafted decorated pot.
      • The possible pictures are decided by the type of pottery shard which is used to craft.
      • The brick item will not have a picture.
  • Very fragile, and very easy to break it:
    • Will break apart into its crafting materials when breaking it using any block-breaking tool.
    • Will drop itself when breaking it using empty hand.
Suspicious Sand
  • Generates in desert temples and desert wells.
  • Brushing the suspicious sand with a brush will extract objects.
  • A new type of flower, grows from torchflower seeds.
    • Only drop itself when broken.
    • Can be crafted into a orange dye.
    • Can be planted in the flower pot.


  • An item which can be used to brush things.
  • Can be crafted with 3 string and 2 sticks, like the shape of crafting pickaxes.
Pottery Shard
  • They have pictures on them.
  • They cannot be crafted and are only found by brushing suspicious sand.
Spawn Egg
  • Added sniffer spawn egg.
Torchflower Seeds
  • A new type of seed, which can be planted on farmland and grows into a torchflower.
  • Can only be obtained if a sniffer digs up a torchflower seed.


  • A new passive friendly mob, which is the mob vote winner of Minecraft Live 2022, and considered as the first “ancient” mob.
  • Cannot spawn naturally.
  • Cannot be tempted or tamed.
  • Often sniff in the air and occasionally dig for torchflower seeds.
  • Can be bred with torchflower seeds.
  • Drop moss block when killed.


  • BlockPermutation
    • Added method matches(blockName: string, properties?: BlockProperties): boolean which is used to match a block with optional states against a BlockPermutation.
    • Added method withProperty(name: string, value: boolean | number | string): BlockPermutation; which returns a new block permutation with a given property set to a specific value. Throws if the provided data cannot be resolved as a valid block permutation.
    • Added function static resolve(blockName: string, properties?: BlockProperties): BlockPermutation which resolve a BlockPermutation from a block name and optional states. Throws if the provided data cannot be resolved as a valid block permutation.
  • BlockProperties
    • Added new class to expose BlockPropertyType.
  • BlockPropertyType
    • Added new class to track “definitional” data about block properties. This is how you can find which values are valid for each block property.


World generation

Desert Pyramid
  • Now includes a new room filled with sand and suspicious sand.
  • Some sands will appear exposed, and can be found at the same height as the blue terracotta.
Desert Well
  • Now includes suspicious sands under its water.


  • Fixed a bug where an Allay holding a Lead wasn’t able to be leashed unless the player held a full stack of 64 Leads in hand.
  • Sounds from all Button types and Lever are now controlled by “Blocks” slider in Audio Settings. (MCPE-166420)
  • The sound volume of Ghasts will now fade the further they are from the player. (MCPE-35222)
  • Fixed a bug where Hoppers would not pull in items after being unpowered from Redstone. (MCPE-166434)
  • The swap item animation now plays when switching hotbar items of the same type with the same durability.
  • The loading screen no longer flickers when entering the Nether in immersive VR mode.
  • Fixed loaded Crossbow staying loaded after shooting. (MCPE-166827)
  • Villagers will now emit anger particles when hit by a player outside of a village.
  • Horses cannot be pushed over Fences covered by Carpets anymore. (MCPE-164717)
User Interface
  • Fixed a bug where moving the player or camera with a controller while text-to-speech for UI was turned on would cause the narrator to say “X of Y”.
  • Fixed a bug where the Edit World screen couldn’t be opened for a world if the corresponding world directory had a space in it. (MCPE-166763)

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